The Alfred Mizzi Foundation was one of the very first entities to pledge ongoing support to the Food Bank when this was set up by the Reverend Kim at St. Andrew’s Scots Church in Valletta in 2017.

Over the last couple of years The Food Bank has progressed from handing out a few food packages each month to distributing to several hundred families. The Food Bank’s reach has recently been extended with the help of a vehicle donated by the The Alfred Mizzi Foundation. This month for the first time food packet recipients have been able to pick up from points in S.Venera, Paola and St. Paul’s Bay. This service will be extended further over the coming months.

An SOS call made this week by the Food Bank for additional €500 worth of provisions per week was answered by The Alfred Mizzi Foundation who will be topping up supplies with immediate effect to ensure that no family is left without its much needed food supplement.

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation is committed to its mission of social solidarity more than ever as more families edge ever closer to the poverty line.

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